The Flying Gwitch’in Fiddler
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The Flying Gwitch'in Fiddler
Release date : Jan. 11, 2013
  1. Crooked Stove Pipe
  2. Lonestar Rag
  3. Big John McNeil
  4. I'll Be All Smiles Tonight
  5. Back Up and Push
  6. Red River Jig
  7. Faded Love / Maidens Prayer
  8. St. Annes Reel
  9. Bowing the Strings
  10. Maple Sugar
  11. Orange Blossom Special




From a long line of fine Gwitch’in fiddlers, Benjamin was destined to take up the traditions of his home community of Old Crow, Yukon. With an ideal balance of natural talent and formal training, Benjamin’s repertoire features a staggering gamut of songs, styles, and techniques.

Boyd’s captivating and energetic stage presence is infused with charm and grace that forges instant fondness.